Welcome to Black Girl Buying!

My goal is to share my thoughts on my journey to replace everyday products and services with items created and cultivated by Black-owned businesses and that someone will be inspired to start or continue their own journey.

Someone asked me how I’m celebrating #JuneTeenth2021 and I said that I’m helping Black businesses get their lives together.

Freedom not just for today, but for years to come.

Happy Juneteenth.

Just a reminder that getting YOUR life together and making sure you’re good emotionally, spiritually, and financially is an excellent contribution to the world. Don’t feel pressured to show up for others in ways you’re not currently equipped while you are working on yourself.

#BlackGirlBuying is 3 today! 3 years of sharing & supporting Black businesses & so many more to go! Thanks for rockin with me!

Let me know your favorite business that @blackgirlbuying has shared!

I’ve been craving pizza for like a month now and getting @slimandhuskys today was one of the best decisions I’ve made probably all week.

It’s #NationalDonutDay and I’m just thankful that @SublimeDoughnut is open 24 hours because I did NOT plan this day well enough to enjoy my donuts during today’s daytime hours 🤦🏽‍♀️

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