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I discovered Bask and Bloom at xoNecole’s inaugural ElevateHER Crawl last summer. I was not on the hunt for any new hair care products––and had already exhausted my self-imposed spending limit for the day––but there was something about the founder’s energy that drew me in. I walked away from the ElevateHER Crawl with Bask and Bloom’s More Moisture Cream, Twirly Hair Gel, and Brahmi Root Hair Masque. 

One of the first things about Bask and Bloom products that I fell in love with was the smell. Each product has a light, citrusy scent that smells delicious without being overpowering. The products themselves felt light in my hand and also on my hair. I really like that it does not take a ton of product to get through my thick hair. Both the More Moisture Cream and Twirly Hair Gel came in 8 oz containers and lasted me about 4 months with weekly use. The Brahmi Root Hair Masque came in a 12 oz jar and, since I only use it about once a month, I still have a few uses left.

I was able to get my first set of Bask and Bloom products for a deal at the ElevateHER Crawl. The products retail between $15 and $19 each––which is a bit more than I have historically spent on my hair products––but, honestly, I’m sold. I’m so pleased with the way my hair looks and feels, and the fact that the products have lasted as long as they do, that I’m ready to give up everything else I’ve used on my hair. I just got their Complete Hair Styling Bundle which includes 6 full-size products––Hydrating Vitamin Curl Mousse, Ease Leave-In Conditioner, Twirly Hair Gel, Mango Castor Twisting Creme, Silky Aloe Curl Pudding, and Watermelon Seed Edge Pomade––and I am so excited to use them all.

The founder’s on-site demonstration of the Twirly Hair Gel really piqued my interest as I watched her curls become more defined right before my eyes. I really wanted to see if it would work on my hair. And I was very pleased that it did. Since I’ve been using Bask and Bloom, my hair definitely looks and feels healthier. I’ve noticed that my curls are more defined and stay defined for longer. And what’s been most amazing to me is that even after I had reached my “I’ve given up on styling my hair and just need to look decent until wash day” bun, I was able to use the moisture cream and hair gel to revive my curls which I have never been able to do. These products are good for my wash and go’s, my twists outs, and all the styles in between.

I am so glad that I found Bask and Bloom and, while I’m not exactly excited about wash day, I am absolutely dreading it less with these products.

Happy buying!

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