Buy from a Black Woman | Online

I can remember discovering Buy from a Black Woman during one of my daily Instagram scrolls. I was immediately drawn in by the name and the mission and have not been disappointed.

The mission of Buy from a Black Woman is to help educate, empower, and inspire Black women business owners and the people who support them by providing the tools and resources that will allow Black women business owners to be successful. As far as I can tell, they are absolutely accomplishing their goal. They have all sorts of free, downloadable documents like content calendars and goal worksheets to help women learn what they need and how to run their businesses. They dedicate the month of November to bringing awareness to buying from Black women. They also award business grants to Black women business owners to help them continue to grow.

I love that there are a couple of different ways to support Buy from a Black Woman. One way is to become a Community Member with an annual contribution of $85. Community Members receive an annual box of goodies that is personally curated by the Buy from a Black Woman founder and is full of samples from different Black woman-owned businesses.

If that amount feels like a lot to you, you can also support the organization by shopping! The Buy from a Black Woman shop has everything from buttons to posters to shirts and is designed to inspire you and those around you to buy from a Black woman.

I love that the similar missions of Buy from a Black Woman and Black Girl Buying do not keep us from supporting one another and other businesses owned by Black women. I am so excited to watch Buy from a Black Woman continue to flourish.

Happy buying!

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